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Dear Little One by Jess Barrett (DEFINEADREAM)

Finding outAmanda NeillComment

Gosh you made me feel sick when you were growing in my belly!

Your dad and I were away on a much needed holiday after a tough few weeks, we had recently lost your sibling and needed time away from reality. We stayed in a cute little cottage on a farm in the middle of nowhere.

We had to drive EVERYWHERE - windy country roads which I normally love made me feel incredibly sick. I was confused, I have never had car sickness before and soon my mind began to wonder to whether you were there. 

Mid-way through our holiday I just had to find out. I snuck a pregnancy test into our shopping basket which your dad only noticed when paying for it - we got back to the cottage and I ran to the toilet. I was full of hope that you would be there but also scared in case you weren’t. Immediately the blue lines showed - my heart skipped a beat but I calmed myself down and waited the advised two minutes. The slowest 2 minutes passed and your dad went over and confirmed that we were indeed pregnant and you were about to invade our lives! We sat and we prayed protection over you and more faith over us.

Judah Wild, you have given me purpose. I feel like I’m doing what I was created to do from the moment you were born. I am proud of you daily, watching you learn little things (like sucking your thumb) fills me with pride. Your cries break my heart, but I will always be here to try and fix it for you, to hold you when you need to be held and guide you when you need guiding. You have made me the best version of me and I will love you forever..


Mama x

Jess and 2 week old Judah

Jess and 2 week old Judah