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Dear Little One by Hannah Davis (West Stanton Store)

Finding outAmanda Neill1 Comment

Oh baby boy, my wonderful little rainbow. You came at a time when daddy and I needed you. 


I remember finding out, thinking there is no way I could be pregnant again so quickly. I remember your dad had just booked tickets to go to the US where he was going to be for 3 weeks. He was nervous, I pretended I wasn't. I counted down the days till he came back, hoping you stayed in my tummy and kept going.


You were born, I remember feeling so empowered and amazed that I managed it. I was so certain you were a poop, even when you lay beneath me (me still on my hands and knees totally in shock) and peed in my face, I was still certain you were a poop. Hormones make me do/say/feel weird things.  We called you Biggy when you were a baby because you were so small and it was so funny because Daddy is so big.


I've loved you more and more every day since then. I love everything about you, how funny you think you are, how you communicate without saying anything, how you clap and look around to make sure everyone claps along. You're smile is contagious and I cant believe how proud I am of you. 


You make me the best version of myself Biggy.