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Dear Little One by Amanda Neill (Yours Truly!)

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When I first found out I was growing a baby… 

I was SO excited and in the same breath totally and utterly shocked! You were my best surprise. We hadn’t planned to become parents now, I was studying to become an Occupational Therapist and Daddy was just starting his career. I remember being at home alone and taking a test whilst messaging your Auntie Charmaine saying “what if I am having a baby!?” She replied, “I will say congratulations and scream!!!”

I hadn’t told your Daddy I was taking a pregnancy test… He was at work and I was on my university Easter holidays. I can still hear my lecturer saying, “Now ladies, make sure you don’t get pregnant, this is a 3 year course!” - little did I know you would start growing inside me just a few months later. 

I was so happy to become a mummy, so excited to be on this unexpected journey. I wasn’t worried about being able to care for you, I loved babies and children and have been around them a lot; your cousin Faith was only a few weeks old, I was just more concerned about the whole birth thing but you don’t need to know about that! After I had gotten over the shock, I just felt excited, I felt like perhaps you had chosen me rather than I had chosen you. I felt like I had a purpose and that I was needed. You made me a Mama and I’ll love you forever. 

Remember, you were my best surprise! 

Love you,

Mummy x

Mummy and 4 day old Sebastian xx

Mummy and 4 day old Sebastian xx